Smutty Social Media, August 8, 2017

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That awkwardness between Sansa and Arya on Sunday – clearly great acting, because Sophie Turner and Maisie Williams are BFFs. Also I’m thinking of working in “Bend The Knee” into my almost 16 year marriage. If you bend the knee to ask before marriage, why not bend the knee throughout? Will let you know how that turns out.


Happy 7th August my soulm8 👯 @maisie_williams

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Who did this 😂😂😂

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I’m interpreting this to mean that Drake watches Game Of Thrones. What I can’t figure out is whether or not he’s pro-Baelish.


Building a ladder of love to you...and I hope that love you built one too

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Elizabeth Banks happy memory is the time she shared a laugh with George Clooney. I would describe this photo differently though? “Elizabeth Banks fangirls George Clooney” – would you accept that?


Remembering I shared this laugh with George is what I need to keep going today. #mondaymotivation #2012 feels like another life

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Zendaya has covered many magazines. Now she’s covering Variety. With the words “Movie” + “Career” beside her name. How did she do it? Strategy. What was involved in that strategy? Projects, of course. And timing, always. But also? FASHION. Can you pass that on to Blake Lively?

Oh look, Mark Wahlberg’s in a new movie that requires him to be muscular and save people, probably? Right but why can’t The Rock do it instead?


First day of training for MILE 22. @pberg44 @performinspired 💪

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Speaking of The Rock, he’s telling the story of his bull tattoo. It used to be a teen bull. Now it’s a man bull.


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