Dear Gossips,   

I’m writing this just before 8am on Wednesday, February 1. So far… nothing. But it’s supposed to be happening today. As mentioned yesterday in this space, Beyoncé is coming. It is now Black History Month. And social media has been buzzing for the last 24 hours that she will finally announce the Club Renaissance World Tour today. 


Some tour dates in North America have already been revealed by the sponsors: 


There are rumours she will perform in at least three cities in Africa. Maybe by the time you read this we’ll know her full itinerary. But the point is… it’s happening. If they’re buzzing about it now it’s likely because tickets are going on sale soon, very soon. Soon like, SOON?! A couple of weeks ago, Madonna made her tour announcement the day before pre-sales started. If Beyoncé is doing it today, there is a chance that pre-sales will begin tomorrow. So get your sh-t together – it’s time. And it’s not just the tickets, it’s the merch. The merch for this tour is going to be next level. 

But how? 

Will the tour announcement come with any visuals? Or will the information be concert-related only, no extras? 


This has been me for the last two hours. 

It’s the incomparable experience of being consumed by Beyoncé anticipation, which is both exhilarating and stressful. Time to hit refresh on her site again. 

Yours in gossip,