Dear Gossips, 

Every Beyoncé show is the show you want to be at, but especially if the Queen has decided that she is working on her birthday, well, that show comes with a little extra juice – and I don’t mean from B herself because we are grateful and appreciative of whatever it is she chooses to give us – but from the audience. Like if she’s allowing you to be in her presence on her birthday? You better come correct. 


And that applies to celebrities too. As I have always said, Beyoncé is the celebrity that all other celebrities obsess over. Kid Cudi gets it. 

Every night in LA the celebrities have been in attendance for the Queen’s Renaissance. But on B’Day, the celebrities also got the memo: you are here in service of Her Majesty, the stadium is a place of worship! No celebrity is too good to worship the ultimate celebrity, Beyoncé. Especially not when a legend was in the house for a legend.


Ms Diana Ross surprising Beyoncé for her birthday! Look at Beyoncé running down her catwalk when she saw that Diana was her birthday present before Diana led the crowd in singing “Happy Birthday”. 


Very few people are allowed on Beyoncé’s stage without her co-sign. Obviously everyone in her immediate orbit would have known that this wasn’t just an exception but a great honour.

As for the other special guest, the Queen had everything to do with this one, bringing out Kendrick Lamar to join her on “America Has A Problem”. 

If you’re lucky enough for her to ask you – and on her BIRTHDAY no less – there’s only one answer. 


So LA has done well by the Queen, and the Queen was moved: 


She was so moved she spent three minutes talking and we all know by now that the Queen is sparing with her words. To be at a show where Beyoncé gives a speech? Everyone there was well aware that this was basically a blessing. 

They received the blessing. From a Cultural Deity. On the holiest day, September 4. 

Yours in gossip,