It’s not like Sofia Vergara’s signature style is ever going to make her look bad. She’s hot. Her body is ridiculous. She wears the same tight dress over and over again and, while it gets boring, it’s not like it’s never nice to look at. 

I do like seeing her in pants though. It’s still her silhouette but the pants kinda freshen up the situation. I just wish this corset wasn’t lined with beige. I wish beige would stop being the go-to lining underneath black lace and beading and whatever needs to be lined. This is my sh-t, I know. Like a style detail that bites my ass more than it bites your ass. But why doesn’t it bite your ass more? When does it ever look right? Why would you want it to look like there’s a layer of pantyhose underneath what you’re wearing? Why do people keep doing this?