Well it’s a Tuesday so someone is screaming in one of the British tabloids about Prince Harry and his Netflix deal because… do you really need a reason? They manufacture reasons. I mean, I wish the same energy could be applied to criticising Prince Andrew for all of his f-cksh-t and having his 90-something year old mother pay for his legal fees but, you know, when have they ever been fair? (Cele|bitchy) 


Oh look, some asshole went to McDonald’s, and became a bigger asshole while waiting for their coffee. And is coming up with a bullsh-t excuse. My ma has diabetes and a long list of other diseases, including POEMS, which is an incurable illness. She has medical appointments at least once a week, including today. And I’m sure you all know, at the doctor’s office, you wait. Especially in these times. I’m heading out with her in about an hour, and I might be there for four hours…alongside other very patient patients who are patiently waiting for the medical professionals, who are understandably overworked and have been heroes through the pandemic. Almost everyone deserves some grace in these situations – the doctors, the nurses, the McDonald’s employees …and I’m trying to summon kindness for this hissy fit over coffee, but God they’re making it hard. (Dlisted) 

These boots are indeed wild. And… I love them. I love the look of them. I don’t know how practical they are. I don’t know if they might cause an accident, and I’ve already broken my arm once over bad footwear choices, but if there’s a person out there who can manage to stay upright and rock them, the resulting outfit would be spectacular. I nominate Lil Nas X. (Go Fug Yourself) 


Would you like your book recommendations with a side of Oscar Isaac? Yes please. Kayleigh Donaldson is here to help. And if you need one more, here’s a book on everyone’s list: Sally Rooney’s latest, Beautiful World, Where Are You. (Pajiba) 

I’m not that person who cares much about plates and cutlery…is that what we call china? I use what my ma gives me, which is Corelle and Corningware, an immigrant household staple. That said, I’m very into drag queen Steak Diane’s designs. Is that lobster dress for sale too? (Eater)