It’s not that I don’t like this look on Anna Kendrick…but I do think it looks better from the side than from the front. And also… something about this dress feels unfinished to me. I think it might be the hem – to me it looks like a temporary hem, that they’ve taken it up to best suit her height but that it’s not permanent stitching. The shoes, however, I can’t get with. (Go Fug Yourself) 


Timothée Chalamet had a very good weekend. Both of his films opened big which means his personal streak continues. He’s got two current box office winners and in previous years he’s been attached to Oscar-contending films, and these two might just be award season players as well. (Dlisted) 

I’m sorry…what? Poo is probably the thing I think about the most. It’s constantly on my mind because of my inconsistent poo schedule. I will never turn down a poo-related conversation, so finding out that this dude makes this much money writing poo songs, I feel like I missed my calling in life. (Pajiba) 

Dionne Warwick is amazing on Twitter. Or whoever manages Dionne’s Twitter is amazing on Twitter, - she says she does it herself. So now we know how Dionne feels about mayonnaise and… Oreos! Oreos are the love of my life, and Dionne is not here for all the other flavours, she clearly prefers the OG, and I don’t disagree. But I did really, really love green tea ones. (Cele|bitchy) 

If I go to a restaurant and there are banquettes, I immediately want to be seated there, I love them. But to sit at a banquette is a privilege. Because banquettes are not accessible. Like a f-cking asshole, I didn’t realise it to this extent until I read this piece. Are banquettes fun for some of us? Of course. Are they essential? Of course not. They can go. (Eater)