Why is everyone wearing black?! That’s the only thing I was thinking as the first sightings of celebrities leaving their hotel and heading to the Met Gala started rolling in. The theme was not the gothic period, it’s Gilded Age New York. I suspect the stylists read the prompt and thought, everyone is going to do soft, feminine, regency period gowns (even though that’s not really Gilded Age, but I digress) so let’s do the unexpected, LET’S DO GOTHIC! Well, turns out the unexpected was the expected and we saw a lot of it. 


Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas took it to the extreme, going full vampire couple with baby on the way. Points for committing. They’re so cool and hot together that it doesn’t feel like they’re on the way to a posh Halloween party — it still feels fashion. Like an editorial look on a red carpet. And isn’t that the assignment? Her dress isn’t my favourite, but her hair and makeup make the look. I usually don’t like a train attached to a suit jacket, but it’s working on Joe. This scruffy himbo daddy era that Joe’s in is *chef’s kiss*. The slow-mo videos of him rubbing her bump on the carpet and Sophie turning to him to smile? That’s cinema. (Lainey: cinema for some, LOL. Cheese for others.) 


Bella Hadid was giving a little dominatrix tease with a black leather corset. It felt like a bit of a safe pick for Bella or at least something we’ve seen her do before. I think she’s worn black to the Met every time. The most interesting part of the look was the curtain bangs that had curtain braids underneath. Totally something you’d see on the goth girl in high school. 


Vanessa Hudgens was one of the earliest to arrive, kicking off the goth parade for the evening. It’s basically just lingerie, but the styling is perfect. The collar, the earrings, her hair snatched up into a bun… it’s giving lady of the house — lady of the gothic manor, sashaying around with a drink in her hand just waiting on her gentleman caller. I thought with such a commanding look Vanessa was really going to go into co-hosting this year’s Vogue livestream with confidence, but that’s not what we got at all. She co-hosted the Oscars red-carpet preshow for ABC to great reviews and this was the opposite of that. Lots of her reading questions directly from the prompter instead of looking her guests in the eye, lots of dead air and just lots of awkward moments across the board. The whole livestream, which also featured LaLa Anthony conducting interviews from another spot on the carpet (with slightly less awkward energy), was not great. Bring back Keke Palmer! 


Lizzo was giving us opulent goth with a gorgeous embroidered black and gold coat. What’s really stunning to me is her dark but rich hair and makeup. The Marcelle waves in her hair was actually a look created during the gilded time period. Also, take a look at her nail art. Each fingernail has a corkscrew on it. I don’t get it, but I love it.

Lenny Kravitz wasn’t somebody I thought would be giving goth, but then halfway through the carpet he appeared in black leather high-waisted pants, a sheer top with built-in corset and a sheer cape. All these elements sound great, but when you see them put together on Lenny… there’s something off. Something in the styling skewed a little too goth and not enough rock n roll. And just look at the material the stylist had to work with! It’s Lenny Kravitz.