The predominant style indicator of the 90s, if you were trying to approximate it in a drawing or sketch, is plaid flannel, plus combat boots. That’s the shorthand, and it should be, I get why it is.  

But when I saw Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas, 5 days after their Vegas wedding, wearing coordinated pieces, all I could think about was the early 90s, hip-hop and R&B, Color Me Badd, 90210, and In Living Color – and I am so ready for this to come back! This should be happening! 

So they’re coordinated, but not necessarily matching? Hers is a custom Louis Vuitton two piece, and while his print isn’t exactly the same, the tones are so close that I have to assume LV had a hand in his too. Ordinarily, a ‘couples outfit’ that is this similar would feel a little bit twee, but the fun of the print takes the earnestness out of so much similarity, and it’s clear they don’t take themselves too seriously (again, their wedding in a Vegas chapel was livestreamed on Instagram) or, at least, that they’re trying to style themselves so they don’t. 

She’s clearly the star here, but she’s very casual – to the point where these outfits and looks could have gone with them to the Billboards the other night, or the Grammys. I get that with GoT in full swing and desperate fans in need of as much ‘Sansa Stark’ as they can get, she’s kind of going to be called ‘regal’ no matter what, but I like that this look, up to and including the wet look hair that I’m pretty sure has a silver frosting in it, is basically her pajamas. 

It’s working, I’m into it, Joe Jonas knows exactly how lucky he is, and I would be really happy if the rest of 2019 had a little more 1993 in it. You too, right?