Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas came to a temporary agreement a few days ago in their custody dispute. Joe filed for divorce in Florida and Sophie countered by saying that the children had been living for several months in England this year and that she wanted to take them back there but Joe withheld their passports. 


The kids are now in New York with Sophie and she and Joe have decided to keep them in NYC while they sort their sh-t out. Both have been photographed with their daughters over the last few days. Yesterday was apparently Joe’s turn and he was seen taking them to a birthday party. Here’s Sophie yesterday in New York around the same time after lunch with a friend not far from where she’s been staying. 

And where has she been staying? 

According to Page Six Sophie has moved some of her belongings into an investment property owned by Taylor Swift and will be staying there until she and Joe are able to reach a permanent custody arrangement. 


The takeaway here is that Taylor is a generous friend, because it’s hard to imagine she’s needs Sophie to be paying her rent, and that saves Sophie a lot of money because a longterm stay at a hotel or whatever can be expensive. But I wonder if the other takeaway here is an advantage for Sophie because if Joe was trying to dictate the jurisdiction of their divorce by filing in Florida, NYC was obviously not part of his original plans. And now NYC has become an interim home base, where Sophie’s starting to settle in, supported by her very famous friend, Taylor Swift, who also lives in New York. New York is a whole lifestyle. For Sophie, as a single mother, it’s giving Katie Holmes to me. Remember, when Katie left Tom Cruise, she made New York her permanent residence, rebuilt her whole life in the city, and happily. 

Are you getting the same energy from Sophie? 

Like, on her part is she all like, fine, you don’t want the girls to be raised in England? OK, I’ll stay in New York, I’m in my New York era now. Welcome to New York, as Taylor said. Maybe New York has been waiting for Sophie.