There was a lot of red on the Oscar red carpet, right? Red, I think, was the dominant colour trend. Jennifer Garner, Simu Liu, Tracee Ellis Ross, Marlee Matlin, Kirsten Dunst, just to name a few. And of course the best of the red, at the Oscars proper, was Ariana DeBose in those Valentino pants and the bustier and the cape. 


At the after-parties, though, there was one dress to rule the rest. Sophie Turner showed up to the Vanity Fair party with Joe Jonas in and this is officially my favourite red Oscar dress and it’s the red dress I would have chosen if I had to wear red, I love it so much.

It’s the high collar. It’s the fitted bodice to high waist opening up to a full skirt. Maybe it’s because I’m partial to the Elizabethan aesthetic and this reminds of that style era but it just suits her so beautifully and the way she’s wearing her hair evokes that whole vibe too. The white zipper detail makes it even better. 


What I also like about this red dress is that it’s not conventionally sexy. I find it sexy, of course, but it’s not typical “red sexy”. Because red is such a COLOUR, a lot of times red dresses are designed with a derivative sexiness in mind: low cut, tight, a lot of leg. This red dress isn’t going there. This red dress is refusing to be stereotyped. Which is what makes it SO good.