This is the most ridiculous chant ever – because we are talking here about LeBron James, one of the all-time greats, who OBVIOUSLY DOESN’T SUCK and has never sucked. A bad game for LeBron James is everyone else’s miracle day. And most people will never even experience that in their lifetime! (Cele|bitchy) 


So about the Prince William had coronavirus story – now we’re apparently haggling over how serious it was as different sources are coming forward to say that he really wasn’t struggling with it at all. Which is not the point. The point is transparency, or lack thereof. And the British royals cherry-picking when and how they’re for the public especially in this case when it would have 100% been a matter of public service at the time to educate people on who exactly can get COVID-19: EVERYONE! (Dlisted) 

It’s a Fug or Fab throwback today featuring Zendaya, a look from 2015. And even then she was doing it better than anyone else. I love this dress on her. I love the topknot. But it’s the footwear that’s controversial here. This will probably divide us. That said, these shoes are what make Zendaya Zendaya. Others would have opted for a pump. And instead, she gave us a party on the bottom. Zendaya wins, always. (Go Fug Yourself) 

Have you watched/listened to this yet? This song… has always been special. And now it’s hitting harder than ever. I’ve already cried over it once today. But in a good way. This is what we need to believe! (Pajiba) 

John Oliver voted for the first time in the United States and had an emotional reaction. Just reading about it made me emotional. And it’s not even nighttime yet. I’m baking tonight. That’s how I’m taking care of myself. Stay safe everyone. (The Hollywood Reporter)