They say there's a 7 year curse. Madonna and Guy couldn't get past 7. I'm arriving at 7 on November 2nd. Scary.

Anyway, already rumours are swirling about the split. And Jennifer Aniston is right pissed that yet again, someone else is usurping her John Mayer thunder.

Buzz is that Madge and Guy had worked this out long ago - that they would promote themselves, their marriage, stay in tact through the promotion of her tour and RocknRolla, and secure him the directorial position for Sherlock Holmes, in addition to the budget. Also...

You do know that Filth & Wisdom hits theatres next month, right?

Coincidence or conspiracy?

As you know, she is a control freak. And nothing happens by accident. Even the breakdown of a marriage.

Now comes the fight over money. Supposedly there's no prenup. Can you imagine? Madonna marrying without a prenup? Is that hard to believe? I find it hard to believe. But again, I wish they were still together...

Iain on the other hand wonders about Sean. The Love of Her Life. Who still texts her. Particularly when he kisses other men in movies. I'm thinking if Colin Farrell likes older women so much, it's not entirely out of the realm of possibility.

Madge and Colin Farrell?

Stop hating for a second and think of the smutty delights.


It'd be amazing.

Attached - the statement and shots of the couple at various events.

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