Welcome to the #AudibleBookClub live stream and twitter chat. We’re thrilled to have Rachael Allen, author of A Taxonomy of Love joining us for our discussion live and on location in Toronto! We’re going to dive into her motivations, what inspired her characters, and anything else that you want to ask! Here’s how you do that:  

Follow along on Twitter and submit your questions using the #AudibleBookClub hashtag. @LaineyGossip & our friends at @Audible_CA will get to as many as we can and post the replies as they’re discussed.  

The live stream starts at 6:30 PM ET/ 3:30PM PT. Listen to the live stream via the widget below. Just hit the play button on the right side of the widget and you should quickly see a status bar in the middle saying “buffering” and when you’re connected, you will see a timer begin counting. 

Thank you for joining in and we hope you enjoy the session! 

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Here’s what the widget looks like if you’re connected. The countdown clock should be running in the portion highlighted:

widget playing

If you are not able to hear anything: 

-    Check that the timer is running as shown above. If it’s not, hit the play button to the right of the timer location.  If the timer is running…

-    Check your phone or your computer volume settings and make sure you’re not on mute or that your volume is low. If your volume is up and you still can’t hear anything…

-    Check the volume setting on the widget. It is a series of bars on the left side of the widget right below our logo.  Make sure that it is turned up by tapping or clicking on the volume bar.  Here’s where to find it: 

widget volume

If you get disconnected (i.e. you suddenly can’t hear anything or the clock stops): 

-    Easiest way to reconnect is the refresh the page and hit play again. We’re working off an internet connection and despite all our technological wonders, we are relying on both our and your internet connections to cooperate. 

This live stream and Twitter Chat are part of our partnership with Audible and is sponsored by Audible.