One of the best things my parents ever did for me was to encourage me to read. I read a lot. And this was especially important when I was growing up in Canada because I didn’t speak English at home. My introduction to much of my vocabulary was through books and not through conversation. Which makes me laugh now because there were words I would mispronounce, never having heard them before saying them. This still happens to me. I was teaching recently and I used “cacophony” to describe a scene, pronouncing it “cacka-phony” instead of how it’s supposed to be pronounced, until my students, repeating the description later, pronounced it properly. This is one of the reasons I’ve been getting so into audiobooks, even for books I’ve already read. 

In recent years we’ve seen the book industry evolve with technology and provide us with exciting ways to dive into our favourite titles, whether it is via tablets, eReaders, movies or audiobooks. Audible launched a Canadian service in September to give Canadians access to thousands of titles to listen to while driving home from work, on the go while running, or wherever our headphones follow us. In my case it’s on long walks with the dogs. 

Books, as you know, have been ever-present on LaineyGossip and today I’m super excited to announce that we’re working with Audible to host Audible Canada’s first Book Club.  Will you join us?   

Here’s how it works: 

On March 20th I’m hosting an intimate Book Club gathering for 12-15 people in Toronto.  We’re going to be discussing the audiobook A Taxonomy of Love by Rachael Allen. It’s a story about childhood friends whose relationship evolves and becomes increasingly complicated as they age. I picked this title because, as you know if you’ve been reading this site a long time, I’m obsessed with Young Adult Fiction, and it should be taken as seriously as any other kind of fiction. Lady Bird was one of the most acclaimed films of 2017. You know what Lady Bird is, essentially? It’s a YA story. So, isn’t it time that we give YA the respect it deserves?!

If you’re interested in attending the inaugural Audible Book Club and will be in Toronto on March 20th , please either email me at  [email protected]  with the title #AudibleBookClub or tweet at me using the hashtag #AudibleBookClub before noon PT on Friday, Mar 2, 2018 and tell me in 2-3 lines what books have meant to you. We’ll draw the participants and be in contact to let you know that you’ve been chosen! If you aren’t selected but would like to take part, or happen to live outside of the GTA, we’re going to be live-streaming audio from the event that night for you to listen along and be answering questions via Twitter.  I will be live-tweeting our discussion and taking your comments and questions as we go! For more details on how to sign up for Audible and download A Taxonomy of Love visit   

If you’re interested in learning more about Audible or how #AudibleBookClub works, visit I’ll share more details later about how to join us online for the Book Club day but in the meantime, mark your calendars! 

Entries will be accepted until noon March 2, 11:59 AM (PDT). See Official Contest Rules for more information.  No purchase necessary.  Entrants must be 18 or older and a Canada resident.