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Today is Martin Luther King Jr Day and it’s a perfect day to celebrate the achievement of Kayla Grey. A year ago today, right at midnight, as she signed off from TSN’s SportsCentre, Kayla Grey became the first black woman to anchor a national sports show in Canada. Kayla is, as Shonda Rhimes would say, an F.O.D.: First, Only, Different. 

Being first is awesome, obviously. Being first is also daunting. Because there were a lot of people who were denied the opportunity to be first so that you could be first. Being first can also be lonely. And there’s a responsibly that comes with being an F.O.D. too. F.O.D.s hold open the door. Kayla’s on the TV telling other young, black women that it’s a possibility. She’s also living with the pressure that for as long as she’s a First, Only, Different, the pressure falls on her to stay there and there’s less room to stumble. 

That said, Kayla can handle it. She was built to handle it. Happy Anniversary, Kayla! May you be the first of many. For more on Kayla, follow her on Twitter and Instagram


It’s that time of year. Today is the first day of the 12 Days of Lunar New Year! 

For those of you who are new to this site, this is an annual tradition here at LaineyGossip. Lunar New Year is on Tuesday, February 5 and for each of the 12 business days leading up to New Year, I post the New Year advisories for each of the 12 signs of the Chinese zodiac as told by my ma, the Chinese Squawking Chicken. A quick refresher, in case you’re unfamiliar or you forgot – Ma has never been interested in making you happy. That is, she’s not here to tell you about good news. Nobody needs to be prepared for good news and she’s not here to baby you, she’s here to prepare you. For challenges and possible setbacks. So that you can protect your luck. Like the tides, luck rises and it falls. Luck is fickle and often fleeting. But it can also be persuaded to approach and stay a little longer. This is Ma’s hope for you in her readings. These are her suggestions based on research and experience. With that in mind, let’s begin our road to the Year of the Pig. We start with those born under the sign of the Rat. Please note, if your birth year is not mentioned, it doesn’t mean you’ve been forgotten, it just means there may not be anything notable, beyond the overall cautions of your sign, for you to be aware of. 

Luck is not on the upswing for Rats during the Year of the Pig. Sometimes, during a year when luck is rising, it can feel like wins are gifts, almost free. Wins may not come easily for Rats this year. Everything will have to be earned. You will work for everything you get. The priority then is luck protection. 

In the Chinese zodiac, Rats are seen to be boasty and flashy, a bit attention whorey. The Year of the Pig is not the time for Rats to swagger and surge. Stay back in the pack for a while and observe. Think of it as information gathering or battery charging. The good news is that there is a lucky star that is looking out for Rats this year but if the Rat is too thirsty, there may be limits to how much the star can help. 

Rats may get sick often this year and experience dips in energy and confidence. There may also be backstabbers in your way, people starting rumours that f-ck up your flow. The exception to this could be those Rats who work in law or law enforcement. Overall though, Rats are advised to not be greedy or petty. Small things can become big things when luck is low. You never want to risk having a nothingburger situation turn into full-blown f-cksh-t. 

So don’t be upset if you, say, get a parking ticket, a speeding ticket, if your flight is delayed, if there are minor obstacles during the year. Sometimes those kinds of inconveniences can actually be substitutes for worse and, in a way, that’s luck working in your favour. 

1948 Rats should be extra cautious about their health during the Year of the Pig. Rest more, don’t over-extend, and give back to others if you can. 

1960 Rats should avoid friend drama and not become entangled in family and friend conflicts. If you are a male Rat born this year whose parents are no longer alive, you may want to consider celebrating your birthday with a big party. 

1972 Rats could be lucky this year in small, insignificant ways so be extra careful that those minor gains don’t compromise your vigilance. It is recommended that you protect your nose this year. Your nose holds your luck. Give thanks wherever you can, whether it’s through meditation, good deeds, or at your preferred place of worship. 

1984 Rats might want to remind themselves consistently to not let their egos make their decisions and to be satisfied, this year, to be part of the group and not have the spotlight. 

Romance may not be promising for Rats this year in general. Keep your feet on the ground. 

Rats born in the fall and winter are strongly advised to stay on top of their health, see the doctor when you need to. This is a water year. Water is heavy in those months and can put out the fire of luck. Wear red to keep warm and to boost the flames. 

In February and March, try not to rush, stay steady. Do not make hasty decisions. 

In March and April, rest as much as possible, don’t force anything. 

In May, you are at higher risk of being taken advantage of or stolen from. Do not trust easily. 

In June and July, take care of your mental health, be kind to your mind. 

In August and September, you may need endure rumours – try not to retaliate against those who are threatened by you. The time will come, later, for you to have your say. 

In October, luck may turn around, things could get smoother. 

A holiday in November and December is a good idea. Relax and be good to your body.  

All Rats are encouraged to let things go, take it easy, enjoy your happy moments, manage expectations. And if you are able to, exercise as much as you can. Luck appreciates a healthy host. It’s an attractive place for it to land. 

Please remember, luck isn’t always as bad as you think and it isn’t always as good as you think. No one is all luck all the time. Feng shui works in cycles and luck always rewards those who are responsible and respectful with their luck particularly when it’s low. Which is why low luck years are often seen as more important than high luck years. Because the way you harvest your luck during low luck years can exponentially increase your luck performance in its highest form. This, then, for Rats is a year of rebuilding and opportunity and Ma’s hope here is just to make sure that you make the most of it. 

Tomorrow – the Ox. 

Yours in gossip,