Dear Gossips,

It’s Oscar nomination day. By the time you read this we will know whether or not Black Panther will make history as the first comic superhero movie to be nominated for Best Picture. We’ll find out whether or not Roma will be the first Netflix film nominated for Best Picture. Which means we could be observing a turning point for the Oscars and cinematic recognition. More Oscar analysis to come throughout the day. 

For now, let’s continue with the 12 Days of Lunar New Year (we kicked it off yesterday – click here if you missed it) and the Chinese Squawking Chicken’s forecast for the Ox. My sign! 

A winged horse star rides with the Ox during this Year of the Pig. The winged horse flies, constantly moving forward, and this means the Ox will be busy. Really, really busy. The Ox will work a lot, even by Ox standards, as the Ox is a work sign, built for labour. Some years the work and the payoff are in balance. You get back as much as you put in. This year, however, for the Ox, it’s a lot of work for little gain. At least not immediately. You are preparing the soil for future yield. 

Since the Ox is putting in so much work though, there’s a health alert. Ox born in fall or winter must be especially vigilant, they could get sick often as the hustle will wear them down. 

There’s also a swindle alert in play for the Ox during the Year of the Pig. You should be careful with your contacts and acquaintances. Think carefully about propositions and opportunities and avoiding inflaming conflict. When you can, walk away from friction.

The Ox might consider changes this year, professional and or personal. It could be a move, it could be a career transition. Whatever you decide, always leave back doors. Make sure you don’t back yourself into a corner and try not to pick fights at work. But do things yourself as much as you can and don’t hand things off. Ox can be a stubborn, obstinate sign. Don’t let your determination blind you to other routes. The more routes, the more opportunity. 

1949 Ox should be mindful of expenses. Holidays might be tempting and it’s not that you shouldn’t go, just make sure that it’s in the budget. If possible, host friends and family on your birthday. 

1961 Ox could be helped by a benefactor with an income bonus. 

1973 Ox may want to hang back, lower the fires. Rumours might get you down so mental health is key. Take care of your mind and body. 

1985 Ox could enjoy the best luck of all Ox this year with extra money. (Look out for Chrissy Teigen.) Doesn’t mean you should stop working hard though.  

In February and March, there may be new opportunities at work for all Ox but carefully consider the options and don’t force it and step into something you really aren’t sure about. 

In March and April, prioritise your body, get regular checkups at the doctor, rest, and exercise if you can. The ox is known for labour, and can outwork most other signs, so looking after your health is the way you can protect and preserve your superpower to be ready for what’s to come. 

In May and June the work could get intense. You may be very, very busy. Make sure you’re prepared for that kind of schedule. 

In June and July, female Ox should be mindful of reproductive health. 

In July and August the Ox may be at risk for some financial loss. This is when the swindle alert could kick up so stay sharp and keep an eye on all your sh-t. 

In September and October rest as much as possible. Do not take your body for granted. 

In November, the Ox may want to revisit plans as many things could require a new outlook. Be flexible in your perspective so as not to miss what presents itself to you. 

In November and December, the busy pace will continue and during this constant grind, you must be able to clearly distinguish between friend and enemy. Don’t lose your temper.  

Once again, overall for the Ox, this is a year of steady toil and caution. You may not make a lot of money but you are, as Shonda Rhimes might say, “laying track”. 

There are no lucky stars or dark stars overseeing the Ox this year so you must rely on yourself. Be as healthy as possible and in particular, watch your internal health – intestines, bladder, etc. Spend as much time with family and friends as you can. They will fortify you. That said, all Ox are advised to pay close attention to their parents’ health. Check in with them often. Small home renovations might help the Ox block bad luck. And get ready to work your ass off. It will feel like a lot. But look at this way: you’re the one who gets to build what’s yours. 

On deck tomorrow: Rabbit. 

Yours in gossip,