Dear Gossips,

At this point it’s obvious: the Bee on The Masked Singer is totally Gladys Knight. And this is what I meant a couple of weeks ago when I said I was starting to get anxiety about her being on the show because she’s clearly the class of the competition and every time she sings, you have people like Jenny McCarthy, Nicole Scherzinger, and Robin Thicke telling her that she “did a great job”. Well…yeah, OF COURSE SHE DID A GREAT JOB. She’s Gladys Knight! Do I need to be watching Robin Thicke give feedback to Gladys Knight, talking about how he’d recognise that vibrato anywhere? 

Also, maybe the Rabbit isn’t JC Chasez after all. It’s probably Joey Fatone, what with all the hot dog references. Speaking of Rabbits though, the Rabbit is up today in the 12 Days of Lunar New Year. If you aren’t familiar with how this works, or you missed the forecasts for the previous signs of the Chinese zodiac, click here to visit the Lunar New Year main page. 

For Rabbits during the Year of the Pig, everything goes back to two words: chill out. Nothing can be forced this year. And there’s a backstabbing star that may f-ck up your sh-t so be careful of petty people. Work hard, speak less. It is very, very, very important (my ma, when relaying this, really doubled down on this part) that you seriously, seriously consider – or reconsider – lending money if asked this year. You may be asked for a loan, or you may be asked to vouch for someone, or cosign for someone, or bail them out – agreeing to any request that requires leveraging your reputation and/or assets and/or resources to back another might end up being calamitous. It may have terrible consequences. It could mess up your luck for 10 years. Please be very careful when presented with these kinds of asks. This will be hard. You may feel like you’re letting people down. But some things are beyond your control and taking responsibility for them when it’s not your responsibility to begin with will only hurt you in the end. Don’t compromise yourself. 

1951 Rabbits nearing retirement should watch their expenses and avoid lavish purchases.   

1963 Rabbits may be bothered by rumours – it’s that backstabbing star so keep your head down and hang back. 

1975 Rabbits may encounter quick cash earning possibilities but these could also turn into deficits just a as fast. Be judicious about where you invest your energy and your money. Protect your nose this year. Your luck is in your nose. 

1987 Rabbits may find that they’re extra creative during the Year of the Pig. New ideas will take you to fun places but avoid conflict and dirty competition. Female Rabbits born this year are encouraged to rest and relax as much as possible and remember, things that look good might not actually be that good.  

For all Rabbits, the Year of the Pig is a good year to have a baby. Female Rabbits should be mindful of their health in the spring. Male Rabbits must be careful driving the entire year. Watch your temper on the road. Do not explode over small issues, especially behind the wheel. Let it go. No drama in the car. Remember, CHILL OUT and stay calm and alert. Peacefulness in general is the key to the Rabbit’s year. 

Ease into the new year in February and March. Slow it all down, save the hustle for later. 

In March and April, again, be vigilant about health matters. Be extra careful about cuts and scrapes. There’s a surgery alert. 

In June and July, be cautious when you meet new people and don’t give away your trust too easily. 

In the fall, October, November, and December especially, again, think really, really seriously about lending people money, bailing them out financially, being a guarantor for someone. This is not the time. You do not have luck to spare. January 2020 is a good time to go the doctor for a checkup. 

Tomorrow – it’s your turn, Dragon.

Yours in gossip,