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As noted yesterday in this space, posted before the Oscar nominations were announced, history was possible and we saw it happen for several nominees including Yalitza Aparicio, the star and the heart of Roma, representing one of the film’s 10 nominations. I heard from a few of you yesterday, telling me that we haven’t done enough here at LaineyGossip to amplify Yalitza, to add to her shine. You’re right. We haven’t. I want to fix that. 

Yesterday Yalitza became the first indigenous woman to be nominated for Best Actress at the Oscars. This is especially significant as, per The Guardian, “Indigenous Mexicans comprise 15% of the population but are often marginalized from public life and politics, and many live in poverty”. Let me make that even clearer through the words of a reader called Sofia who wrote to me yesterday from Mexico: 

“In terms of representation this is so, so important for indigenous women, the most vulnerable and economically exploited women in (our) country.”  

As Shonda Rhimes would say, Yalitza is an F.O.D.: First, Only, Different. E! just published an article this morning about her “fairy tale road to fame”. This, perhaps, is a derivative narrative about her achievement but right now I can’t say I mind it. Because, typically, who is the star of the “fairy tale”? It’s NEVER been a woman like Yalitza… until now. 

What’s important to remember though is that while, of course, we should for sure celebrate, we should also keep pushing for next, which is something that was made clear in Yalitza’s interview with The New York Times yesterday following the nomination when she was asked about her upcoming acting roles. Her response:

“I have not been offered anything yet. I would be very open to continue acting, but even if I weren’t to continue acting, I would be very grateful for this opportunity and this experience.”

You know this but let’s say it out loud anyway – if it were any other conventional “breakout star” in a breakout role in an acclaimed film, she’d be taking meeting after meeting after meeting. There wouldn’t be a possibility that she might not continue acting. IMAGINE! She gets an Oscar nomination and she’s talking about being grateful for this being potentially the only time she’s going to be an actor! 

This is why the nomination matters. It’s worldwide attention now. She’s going to the big show. She’s riding a great wave of energy. Rooster energy!

Yalitza was born December 11, 1993 under the sign of the Rooster. Let’s look back at ma’s Rooster advisory in 2018:

Those born under the sign of the Rooster will have a sunny star shining on them during this Year of the Dog. The sunny star could bring career glory.

Here’s what ma said specifically of 1993 Roosters:

There may be successful entrepreneurial opportunities for Roosters born this year and you could see solid gains in business. 

Ma’s forecast for Roosters for 2019 will be posted in a few days. Today we continue the 12 Days of Lunar New Year with the Tiger. If you missed the previous two days, you can find the previous Lunar New Year posts here

It could be a generally positive outlook for the Tiger during this upcoming Year of the Pig. The Tiger is among the top 3 luckiest signs of the year but there are small frictions, possible dark clouds. People will be jealous of the Tiger. Luck always attracts envy. Tigers, however, are helped by horses. If you’re able to, carrying around a horse charm might help you. (Tigers only though. You can’t be of some random other sign and just go get a horse charm and think it’s the same – it’s definitely not the same and you could risk some sh-t.) It will also help Tigers to go to the doctor at the start of the Lunar Year, get bloodwork done, and meditate or pray or spend time with your faith group and or give back to those less fortunate. 

1950 Tigers will be admired this year for their quick thinking. (My ma is a 1950 Tiger so she basically said this about herself, LOL.) 

1962 Tigers could enjoy good luck at work. What you put in in years past may start to pay off. 

1974 Tigers should enjoy new experiences, seek them out, as they are opportunities that you will benefit from. 

1986 Tigers may be overly ambitious this year. Only take on what you can take on. 

1998 Tigers should keep studying hard. You may find that you’ll get the recognition and the shine. 

Since the governing element this year is water, it will help Tigers born in the summer to cool off and maintain their energy. You’ll have lots of it. Tigers born in fall or winter may need to be mindful of their internal health like bladder and kidney, etc. 

All Tigers should be especially vigilant about health matters in February and March. April and May are ideal times for maintenance checkup blood tests. 

Tomorrow we’ll get to the Rabbit. I know I said yesterday that Rabbit was today but I got confused with the Oscar nomination early morning scramble. Sorry. 

Yours in gossip,