It’s official: Squid Game is now Netflix’s most popular series ever. Which means Netflix once again is well ahead of other streaming services in how they’ve invested in talent. Do we start the campaign now for Squid Game to be nominated during award season? (Dlisted) 


I loooooooove this dress on Caitriona Balfe for the Belfast premiere. It’s majestic – and all the attendant attributes that come along this is vibe: power, confidence, and stature. This is exactly my kind of dress – super fashionable, well constructed, but also not restrictive at all. You could have a party underneath. (Go Fug Yourself) 

Boy sh-t is the best sh-t! And sometimes boy sh-t lasts forever. This boy band sh-t has been going on for decades! The Beatles vs the Rolling Stones. Paul McCartney is still talking smack about the Stones. Not that I’m big on Paul or anything, but I’ve always preferred Beatles music over the Rolling Stones music. I said what I said. (Cele|bitchy) 

Have I mentioned how much I hate Halloween? I hate it. It’s so much f-cking work. And also, I just don’t like to be scared. I don’t understand why there has to be a whole ass month where people want to be scared. And the decorations – my neighbourhood has turned into a haunted series of blocks, with tombstones all over lawns and strange noises coming corners and stones. And the pumpkins are starting to come out now too, all lit up creepy in windows. This is why I don’t go outside. (OMG Blog) 

How do you feel about sprinkles? I hate them. I hate them on cakes, cookies, ice cream – they’re disgusting. But there are a lot of people who feel differently and who are in fact very, very passionate about sprinkles. So passionate that there’s now some drama over legal sprinkles and illegal sprinkles… like that’s a thing?! (The Cut)