St. Vincent is very cool, but bleached eyebrows, I couldn’t do it. (Go Fug Yourself)


The Dance Moms lady is fighting with the Sia dancer because the Sia dancer said Dance Moms was “toxic”. …Did anyone think otherwise? Also, I remain bent that everyone jumped on Cuties but never said a word about the Dance Moms and Toddlers & Tiaras sh-t. (DListed)

An interview with Ms. Marvel’s Yasmeen Fletcher, aka Nakia. As great as Iman Vellani is as Kamala Khan, the ensemble around her is fantastic, and Fletcher provides a major grounding force for the show as Kamala’s put-together friend. I am as invested in Nakia running for the mosque board as I am Kamala mastering her powers. (Popsugar)

Another Elon Musk lawsuit! (Celebitchy)


A group of women were harassed—cyberstalked, catfished—by the same guy online. They teamed up to try to expose him, and, of course, he says HE is the “real victim”. For reference, one of his victims was as young as 15, and felt “obligated” to give into his demands for intimate photos and phone sex. It’s a reminder that women aren’t safe anywhere, but also a classic turning-tables moment when the women start working together to expose this asshole and protect one another. Where’s our true crime series about these online heroines? (Vice)