This is a couple of days old but it went viral earlier this week because, well, Stacey Abrams is a badass. And she made this man look like a fool. Which is so satisfying because he thought he was clever as sh-t and she ended up owning his ass. Because he, clearly, was not as prepared as she was. And always is. Few of us are as accomplished as Stacey Abrams and while we may not be able to relate to her in many ways, I think there are many women out there who can relate in this specific way – when you show up and you know your sh-t and some windbag thinks he’s a genius. (PEOPLE)  


I work with a few people who are obsessed with Pete Davidson so, naturally, they’re obsessed with Pete Davidson and Phoebe Dyvenor. They’re wearing matching necklaces now with their initials, since they have the same initials. And he’s publicly confirmed that they’re a thing. And apparently he’s getting serious about her. (Dlisted)  

Looking back at fashion from 20 years ago is… hit or miss. A lot of looks didn’t age well. Some looks aged well in parts but you can tell it’s from that era because of the hair or the makeup. With Michelle Yeoh, though, it’s NEVER a problem. Her Oscar 2001 look is still fire, and gold, and will be in 2041 and 2061. Like forever and ever and ever. (Go Fug Yourself)  

The latest flavour of the Bond is Regé-Jean Page, whose Bridgerton popularity shot him near the top of the list of actors who should be the next 007. Tom Hiddleston, for years, has been in that conversation, although his position on the list may be less prominent these days. Will this change once Loki comes out? Is he still interested? He’s answering in a riddle. (Cele|bitchy)  

I LOVE German Shepherds. They have the most delightful ears. Every German Shepherd I’ve ever met is goofy ball of sweet. Like this goofy ball of sweet in this video, which I guess is a spoiler, but he’s a suck, you can tell. And he loves hard. (Pajiba)