Please give Stanley some respect. He’s a conniving bitch. Watch, because he times it perfectly. If he was out of control, he would have been lunging at the mic before it was put in his face. The fact that he waited for it to be shoved in his face, giving him the perfect angle to perform his trickery, is testament to his cunning. He was patient. He knew the moment would present itself – and when it did, he snatched. Stanley knew not to blow his load too early. (Dlisted) 

This is such great news. It’s news that should not provoke any outrage – and you KNOW there are people who can find outrage in almost anything these days. More girls and young people of colour are coding. They should be coding. For years now, the messaging has been to encourage girls and young people of colour to get into STEM. These are encouraging statistics. (Jezebel)

Paul Rudd doesn’t age, and we’re always talking about how he doesn’t age, and he knows we’re always talking about how he doesn’t age. Which is why he’s never going to f-cking tell us why he doesn’t age. (Just Jared) 
Hailey Baldwin now Bieber talks about the media and how it makes her feel like it’s setting her up to fail. I understand why she would think that, especially since she’s with Justin Bieber. But that’s a pretty surface-level take of the situation. It’s not just the media, it’s the consequence of having a media spotlight on you when you’re so young, and that’s not necessarily the media’s fault. Because what they *think* they want when they’re 14 is not necessarily what they need at 14. And that’s partly why JB is still struggling now. (Cele|bitchy) 

Love this gold pattern dress on Toni Collette. It gives the illusion that the gold parts are like flakes, like they could be peeled off. I like the jacket, I like the boots, but the makeup…I don’t know if the makeup necessarily works with this look. You? (Go Fug Yourself) 

Cow print nails are a thing now and I quite like it because of the black and white contrast, it’s so sharp and fresh, but it really depends on the nail shape. I HATE the oval-to-a-point nail shape. And no print is going to ever make that nail style look good to me. (Teen Vogue)