I wish I came up with the following sentence: “Stanley Tucci is a smokeshow”. That is correct. But I can’t own it because Kristy Puchko is the wordsmith. This is your favourite link to click on today. It’s Stanley Tucci being a smokeshow and also Miriam Margoyles being a total delight. And if you don’t know who that is: Professor Sprout. And if you don’t know who that is, well, if you’re not on the front lines right now and you’re looking to fill time, how about finally getting into Harry Potter? (Pajiba)


People are really into their feelings about the way Kylie Jenner sliced her olive oil cake. First of all, I’ve never even heard of an olive oil cake – is it good? And second, this is the second time in 24 hours she’s gone viral because people are also talking about the really cute video of Stormi being a very good baby and not eating the candy until her mother came back into the room. I should point out that certain mothers I know who will remain nameless clarified that this is a bit of a cheat because you’re not supposed to have the TV on when you do this challenge. Whatever. This child is ADORABLE. (Cele|bitchy)

I don’t remember this being a story about Lena Dunham kissing Brad Pitt. I do remember that there were photos of them at a premiere and a few shots captured them awkwardly greeting each other, which happens, but at no point do I recall a headline about how Lena tried to put her lips on him. When did it get spun into that? Did I miss something? (Dlisted)

It’s time for me to tell you, again, how much I love the movie The Fifth Element. At the time, I know, people , I just cared about her hair and how she was the ultimate superhuman and as for what Milla Jovovich wore to the premiere in Cannes, 100% I will defend it for life because she was dressing as LEELOO, come ON. (Go Fug Yourself)  

If you didn’t see this article yesterday, I’m jealous of you because I devoured it and plan to devour it again and then watch the movie maybe in a few days. Center Stage! The oral history! I LOVE THIS MOVIE SO F-CKING MUCH and if you saw it when it came out, I know you did too. Center Stage is 20 years old. It’s on Netflix. If you haven’t had the pleasure, drop everything you’re doing and go there right now. (Vulture)