I nearly fainted.

Look at this front row in London at Burberry last night.

My Gwyneth sandwiched between my Emma and Mario Testino, and Liv Tyler on the other side, then Daisy Lowe, then Mary-Kate Olsen, and publicly loved up Freida Pinto and Dev Patel.

In another section, Victoria Beckham was also seated front row…but she wasn’t invited to the girl party. It’s been nearly 10 years since Burberry presented at London Fashion Week after a decade of “chav”, suffering through the soiling of the brand thanks to tacky ass Euro footballers and people like… Posh Spice. So the presence of the GOOP and her girls is a huge coup for the label which, obviously, would rather associate with fresh young Emma Watson than with the orange of Mrs Beckham who may be trying to reinvent herself as some kind of style icon but who still cannot shed her chavvy past.

But this photo…

Gwyneth and Emma side by side. Two natural bitchfaces …

I die.

I die happily.

Emma Watson is so f-cking beautiful it kills me.

Backstage Gwyneth of course stayed close to her crew getting tipsy with Stella and Mary McCartney, whispering with Liv Tyler, as popular as ever among the people who matter.

I say it because I know you hate it.

She’s been satirised incessantly, sure, but it’s only satisfying if she feels the sting. I know my girl. She doesn’t feel the sting.

Also, Gwyneth and Chris Martin went out for dinner the other night. And they were photographed! Of course, like an asshole, she had to cover her head with a blanket. Click here to see. Thanks Kirsten!

Photos from Dave Hogan/