Of course it wasn’t just Margot Robbie holding it down for Barbie at the Hollywood premiere last night. Margot and director Greta Gerwig were joined by other Barbies and some Kens and as you would expect, there was a lot of pink. America Ferrera went for a lighter pink option while Greta went full fuchsia in an oversized blazer over a long dress and collar and even Kate McKinnon leaned into the Barbiecore for her look – I can’t remember ever seeing her in pink in real life, outside of playing a character. 


My favourite of all the pinks though is Issa Rae. It’s body-con and full length with an open chest, nothing we haven’t seen before but what sets this apart are the wide shoulders to accommodate the bow that stretches from right to left. She looks like a gift!


It wasn’t all pink though. Alexandra Shipp had on a champagne gown with silver embellishments and an exposed black bra: 

And Hari Nef wore custom Celine – CINCHED: 


As for Dua Lipa, well, I’ll just leave this here. WOW.

Should we bring some Kenergy to this party? I wonder if they all checked in with each other about the carpet wardrobe – like did Ryan Gosling text Simu Liu all like, “what are you wearing?” Does the main Ken get pink privilege? Ryan has always looked great in pink, from Drive to Barbie. And he’s been leaning right into the spray tan and that deep V. Which I appreciate. If you’re going to play Ken, you might as well Play Ken. 


That said, I prefer Simu Liu’s fit. It’s Versace, not surprisingly, since he’s become one of Donatella’s favourites. What is surprising, lol, is that Simu didn’t wear it the way it was sent down the runway – which was shirtless, just the harness underneath the jacket. 

Simu was actually in Toronto for part of the weekend because his charity basketball game with the Chinese Canadian Youth Athletic Association happened on Saturday. Same night as Beyoncé. He couldn’t get to Beyoncé but he did wear Beyoncé while repping Barbie. 


This shirt is also from the new Ivy Paradise collection. I have this print in the one piece swimsuit. It’s lined with pink, SO GOOD.