Do you associate the holidays with candy? Like hard candy? That’s a hard pass from me. For me, the holidays are about chocolate. I can handle some candy at Halloween but if I’m handling candy at all, it has to be soft, like gummies. Hard candy has never done if for me. Even candy canes? Candy canes are fine, if they’re embedded in chocolate. Peppermint bark! (Dlisted)

It turns out that Clarence House, Prince Charles’s residence, is in need of extensive repairs. Which is understandable. British royal property is some old ass sh-t. But renovations means money. Is anyone going to bitch about how much money this will cost? Ahem. (Cele|bitchy)

Here are some of the best red dresses of the year and I don’t typically love a red dress but most of these are quite good, especially Nicole Kidma’s oxblood sequined, high collar, body-con dress from the Golden Globes. And Olivia Wilde’s deep plunge from a couple of months ago. Speaking of – Globes are happening in under two weeks. I’m getting really excited about the fashion. (Go Fug Yourself) 

The decade is coming to a close. And this was the decade where TV told film about itself. As in television consistently does it better, with more imagination, and more creative storytelling. In this era, then, to stand out among that kind of excellence, you have to be special. This is a very, very special list. (Pajiba)

I know we’re not ready to talk about Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker yet because some of you haven’t seen it but Vulture’s put together a list of the saga’s hottest villains and I would argue that Benicio Del Toro is too far down. I’d put him top five, at least. Kylo Ren, however, is indisputably the sexiest big bad of them all…and he’s really f-cking sexy in this new movie. If only, well, if you know, you know. And if you don’t know, get ready for it. (Vulture)