As mentioned earlier in my post about Selena Gomez, the fashion last night at the MTV VMAs wasn’t great. A couple of highlights but overall, not all that interesting. That was in Newark. Over in New York City though, there was big fashion at the Kering Foundation Caring for Woman event. It was the second last night of NYFW. It’s a luxury conglomerate representing several major fashion brands. So of course the stars showed up and came with the looks. 


Let’s start with Jodie Turner-Smith because, well, a style conversation should always begin here. This silver sequined dress looks like liquid on her, and I like the asymmetrical neckline but even with all the sparkle and the cutout, somehow she also makes it look…comfortable? Like I could see her dancing, full choreo, in this and not feel awkward. 


Next – here’s the human, Nicole Kidman, who I posted about yesterday and I mentioned that we hadn’t yet seen her at any fashion events and now here we are. Nicole in ice blue feathers and a bow waist, with black opera gloves and her hair pulled back looking like the designer had her in mind when they sketched the piece. They probably did. 


For Olivia Wilde it was a simple black suit, beautifully cut. I know it’s not like the freshest look out there but a black suit is never a bad option and the exposed tiny bra thing is… kind of her thing. I’m not tired of seeing it on her. 


Similarly I will never be tired of seeing Linda Evangelista, especially since we didn’t get to see her for so long and now she’s back in the spotlight – with short hair, my favourite version of her. Goes without saying that she’s wearing the sh-t out of her fit but the gossip here is that she attended with son Augustin and this is a Kering event, which means that it’s his dad Francois-Henri Pinault’s event. And of course there’s a backstory because they had an acrimonious split and custody battle and both Francois-Henri and Salma Hayek were there last night as hosts. But as Linda said in the supermodels’ Vogue profile recently, Salma’s been a big source of support for her and they’ve all spent holidays together. So this was a family event and Linda was welcomed there as a family member.


Finally, Zoë Kravitz in Saint Laurent, an exquisite dress, an excellent celebrity-brand partnership. Zoë posed on the carpet alone and Channing Tatum posed on the carpet alone, but they were together inside the event, obviously, and were in the same frame for group shots so they’re not being squirrely about their situation, this is an established Hollywood couple now. And also it’s smart to save the side-by-side carpet shots for when it’s time to promote their movie, Pussy Island. At which point I hope they say the title of their film over and over and over again. 

Julia Garner, Bethann Hardison, Zoe Kravitz, Tracee Ellis Ross and Channing Tatum at the Kering Foundation Caring for Woman Dinner on September 12, 2023 in New York, New York