Dear Gossips,

A landslide! In Ireland! A decisive major to repeal the eight amendment which means that the government can begin making changes immediately for women to be able to take control of their own reproductive rights. Because of the efforts of so many people who went door to door for weeks, who gave up their own time and energy to get the word out, because of those who flew home, travelled thousands of miles, to be heard. 

And how did they celebrate? With After Eights! 


I LOVE After Eights! It’s been a minute since I’ve had an After Eight though. We used to have them all the time growing up. For some reason, it was always at an aunt’s house, after a family gathering. Is this an immigrant thing too? A few weeks ago, Duana sent around an article about Ferrero Rocher that I ended up sharing with everyone in my immigrant family circle. Every time I went back to Hong Kong for the summer, my suitcase was stuffed with boxes upon boxes of Ferrero Rocher so that my ma could pass them around to her friends. We all thought Ferrero Rocher was the sh-t. We still think Ferrero Rocher is the sh-t. It’s the same thing with Jacek on the Polish side. He’ll only buy them in the small packs because he considers them a luxury. 

Now that I think about it, I feel the same way about After Eights. 

It’s been a while since I’ve written about Brandon Flowers. There’s really not that much to update. The Killers are on tour. They played Boston Calling this weekend. And he looks really, really good in these photos. Don’t really have any more to say other than that so I’m leaving these photos here. Not a bad way to start the day. 

Yours in gossip,