Stephanie Hsu doing a random photoshoot in Brooklyn has big “promoting a movie from home during the pandemic” vibes, except now it’s “wearing outfits pulled for a press tour that’s not happening because of the strike” vibes. She looks great. (Go Fug Yourself)


Blake Lively jumped a barrier at Kensington Palace to fix one of her Met Gala gowns on display. Let’s not even bother talking about how if anyone else—ahem—did this, it would be the worst thing to ever happen to the monarchy. (Celebitchy)

Lainey keeps sending me updates about the Dan Wootton scandal and I cannot believe that 1) keeps getting worse and 2) most of the British media is ignoring it. The ever-superb Kayleigh Donaldson takes on Dan Wootton and the hypocrisy of the British media tasked with covering his many (alleged) misdeeds. (Pajiba)

There was a hearing about aliens and UFOs in Congress this week. At this point, I feel like they’re just slow-rolling the inevitable confirmation that yes, aliens exist; yes, they’ve been here; yes, we’re talking, or trying to talk, to them. I do have a big reservation about a statement made during the hearing, though. 


Former US intelligence official David Grusch said—under oath!—that the government has possession of “non-human bodies”. I need a little more specificity. Is that non-terrestrial, non-human bodies, or just non-human bodies? Because the US and Russia both launched a lot of dogs and monkeys into space during the Space Race, and what goes up might eventually come back down, and who knows what Laika would look like after decades being irradiated in space. The real Laika’s craft disintegrated during re-entry, so this is just an example, but I would like clarity on whether or not those “non-human bodies” ARE aliens, and we know that, or is it some poor creature we used as a test pilot in 1956? (The Atlantic)

Can’t get enough Barbie? Production designer Sarah Greenwood and set decorator Katie Spencer talk designing Barbieland, pink paint, and “authentic artificiality”. (Filmmaker Magazine)