Stephen Colbert, over the years, has mocked Gwyneth Paltrow and goop for their batsh-t recommendations and promoting of fake science. Have you seen his Covetton House features? Basically he dresses up as a poncy asshole and recommends things like “scrotal dry cleaning” and “nacho cheese soaks”. 

Gwyneth was his guest last night on The Late Show. And he was nice. But he also made fun of goop. I mean, he didn’t hardline challenge her on the crazy wellness endorsements and, some would say, irresponsible health claims put forward by her brand but the snark was there. And she played along with it, at first, in a segment that combined Covetton and goop but during the interview, she seemed a little uncomfortable to me. Here are the two videos back to back below. Watch and meet me on the other side? 


There was some hesitation there, right? Gwyneth isn’t new to this. She’s played the talk show game for years. Typically though, when she’s on a talk show, she’s fawned over – and earnestly. Being fawned over basically sums up her entire life. Colbert is complimentary here, but there’s also an edge to what he’s saying…and she’s not stupid, she can hear it. This is not a space she usually occupies. 

But the interview ends on a lighter note: Pepper Potts. Pepper might be the best thing about Gwyneth right now as we approach In goop Health, the New York summit, happening this weekend and featuring anti-vaxx speakers and an AIDS denialist. And they’re calling them “experts”. Jesus, Gwyneth. What the f-ck are you doing? 

Next week is Bell Let’s Talk Day in Canada in support of mental health and awareness. There are already so many stigmas faced by those who struggle with mental health and now here’s an expert endorsed by Gwyneth Paltrow and goop who claims that  “depression is in fact a message. It’s a message and an opportunity to change. And the primary pillar of this change is nutrition.”

I find this incredibly insensitive to anyone who has depression or anxiety and other mental health disorders, who have battled suicidal thoughts, to tell them simply that what they’ve gone through and what they’re going through is a “message” to live a better lifestyle, to say nothing of how dangerous that can be. There are already so many misconceptions about mental illness that have delayed treatment for millions of people and resulted in lives broken and lost and, sure, while the issue is obviously very complicated, I’m not sure the solution here is to give a platform over to someone who is undermining the work of legitimate experts and telling us that gut health and going gluten-free is the path to mental wellness, my GOD.

Also attached - Gwyneth at the PGA's on the weekend.