Bong Joon-ho’s next film is a (definitely going to be weird) sci-fi adaptation starring Robert Pattinson. The cast is still growing, though, now including Mark Ruffalo, Toni Collette, and Naomi Ackie, as well as the newest comer, Academy Award Nominee Steven Yeun. This is a reunion for Bong and Yeun, who worked together on Okja, one of Bong’s other weird sci-fi films. I am VERY much looking forward to this film, adding Steven Yeun is just another check in the “pro” column.


I was thinking, though, who’s doing the best from The Walking Dead? Andrew Lincoln cashed out a while back, and they keep saying they’re going to make movies centered on Rick (presumed dead within the show), but The Walking Dead’s cultural cache is long past, so I wonder if that ever really happens. Norman Reedus settled down with Diane Kruger, and he was in a Lady Gaga video once, so by some measurements, he’s doing great. And Danai Gurira jumped from TWD to the MCU. But Steven Yeun is an Oscar nominee who is consistently working with some of the best filmmakers in the world, so maybe he wins?

You can definitely make a case that getting out of TWD early, before its popularity completely imploded, served him best in the long run. Norman Reedus gets paid a Brinks’ trucks worth of cash every third Tuesday to stick around, but he also made a music video with Marilyn Manson—who is following the Johnny Depp playbook and suing his ex, Evan Rachel Wood, for defamation after she made a documentary about her work getting the “Phoenix act” passed—as recently as 2020, so…

Yeah, Steven Yeun is doing the best.