We’re only just halfway through the week but Katie Holmes has already given us several outfits and several shoe options. Before we get to that though, a quick note on her love life. She’s been shooting a new movie recently (The Watergate Girl), which she is also producing and a couple of weeks ago Page Six reported that her relationship with Emilio VItolo Jr has cooled. According to their source, ““Katie has a lot of big priorities in her life — she’s a single mom, her daughter always comes first and things were moving very fast”, so if they’re ending, or have already ended, the messaging seems to be that it was her call. At least for now. 


So here’s Katie on set this week in New York. Let’s start with this floral top tucked into the leather skirt with a great belt, and a pair of truly outstanding boots. The toe is perfectly pointed, I love the shape of that heel, and they have exactly the right amount of slouch. They’re also a really great colour, an interesting shade of grey/green that also works as a neutral; these boots go with almost anything. 

Then a more controversial look, I imagine. It’s Katie in a striped dress with socks and loafers. The socks and loafers thing a fashion trend for a couple of years now, it’s big with style influencers on social media. I LOVE it. And it works with socks of any colour, not just white. Although the white can be particularly sharp. Check out how well this look works on stylist Gabriella Karefa Johnson (fifth slide in this link). 

That’s not the only trend Katie’s modelling this week though. Bucket hats are big right now. Everyone from Prada to Zara is doing a bucket hat. And Katie’s walking around with hers over shorts and Uggs as she’s making her way to set. Super cute and casual, I’m in for this too.