There were two Succession cast members at the Saturday Night Live after-party this weekend. Well here’s a return to “normal”: the traditional SNL after-party has always been a thing. The parties were suspended, obviously, until recently. But bars and restaurants in New York have been open for a few weeks now and restaurant capacity just got bumped to 75% this weekend so it’s almost business as usual. 


Here are Nicholas Braun and newly announced Succession cast member Alexander Skarsgard, also the two tallest cast members (I think?), leaving the party and now I’m thinking about Succession + SNL and if there will be a cast member to guest-host SNL when season three premieres and if so, who should it be? 

Is there an obvious choice? No, right? There are several options. Let’s take Alexander out of the conversation because we should start with the OGs. Cousin Greg the Egg, for sure. His character already has that goofy energy. But I want you to consider Kendall’s “L to the OG”, and re-watch that scene, if you haven’t already, just to remind yourself of the earthquake levels of cringe you experienced the first time around and every time since…



“Ken-W-A”, LOLOLOLOLOL forever. 

Like I said, no obvious choice. I mean, my beloved Roman Roy, Kieran Culkin, and his gift of the one-liner could definitely step onto the SNL stage and I would not be mad at Sarah Snook bringing Shiv energy to Studio 8H either. 

That said, if we want to go full awkward, who’s more awkward than Matthew MacFadyen?! It is not easy to go from the hearthrobbiness of Mr Darcy to the comical incompetence and thirst of Tom Wambsgans.

Maybe it should just be Gerri. Wouldn’t you like to see Gerri in a scene with Pete Davidson? 

God I miss Succession.