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Which member of Succession’s Roy family is most likely to attend a BTS concert? We kicked off ETALK with this story yesterday. Because of this amazing photo. 


That looks like Logan Roy aka Brian Cox, doesn’t it? According to fans who where there, it was him at one of the BTS concerts at SoFi Stadium this weekend and they say he attended with his wife, Nicole Ansari. I don’t know that we can 100%  that it was him, considering that three days ago she posted on Instagram about being in New York and enjoying the snow, although it’s not impossible that they could have flown back quickly to NY after the show. 

Whether or not it actually was Brian Cox, the fact is there was someone of a similar age who resembles him at the concert. Which goes back to when I quoted TIME’s piece the other day – that BTS’s ARMY is not a monolith. That even a man in his mid-70s can be found in the stands at one of their shows studying the names of each of the members. This is the sheet of paper he’s holding, the order of recitation. And what I love here is the desire to participate. The effort being made here to be part of something, the “when and Rome” energy here, that nobody is too famous or too old or too serious or too f-cking Logan Roy to appreciate BTS. 


RM, Jin, Suga, j-hope, Jimin, V, and Jungkook are celebrating another achievement. Apple Music announced yesterday that “Dynamite” was the most streamed song of 2021.

Tonight is night three of BTS’s four show run in LA. The finale will be livestreamed tomorrow – and like I said the other day, if you are able to buy an online ticket, it’s well worth your time and money. No other act tries this hard and cares this much about your enjoyment. For all ages. 


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