Suki & Diego in New York (again)

Lainey Posted by Lainey at October 11, 2017 16:47:53 October 11, 2017 16:47:53

Another celebrity love update…

Here are Suki Waterhouse and Diego Luna in New York last night heading home hand in hand after going out for dinner. The last time I posted about your boyfriend Diego it was in July and he was with Suki and they were in New York. And I almost gave this post the same title. And I mentioned that he was your boyfriend after Rogue One and asked you if he’s still your boyfriend now that we’re two months away from the one year anniversary.

How many times have you seen Rogue One? I liked it OK but I’ve only seen it once, in theatres. Haven’t ordered it on demand, which I do, when I enjoy movies. For some reason, I’ve never had the urge to watch Rogue One again though. And I feel like that’s why any crush I ever had on him never got stronger. Like a long, long time ago, when I was crazy ass obsessed with Shane West? Or Ryan Gosling? Or any number of celebrity crushes I’ve had? It was because A Walk To Remember and The Notebook were on repeat. Constant repeat redundant repeat. It was something that had to be fed. This never happened for me with Rogue One. Did it happen to you?


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