So early in the year and already a Robert Pattinson and Suki Waterhouse update – they were together and hosted a party. (Cele|bitchy) 


I’m sure you heard about this a few days ago? The Rolling Stone 200 Greatest Singers list? There was a LOT of controversy about who made it, in what position, and who was left off completely. And Celine Dion was trending because Rolling Stone did not include her. Which is indeed a crime against music and feelings! (Dlisted) 

Fashion lost a disruptor last week – Vivienne Westwood was a punk to the end. The Fug Girls have put together a gallery of her best red carpet looks. (Go Fug Yourself) 

We are out of the holiday season, into a new year, but some things never change, no matter the season. And one of those is the discussion about food, and which foods we hate. I have two usual suspects that I nominate during these conversations but today I’ll keep it fresh and talk about my third most hated food, or rather ingredient. Like, I don’t hate oranges but I hate orange-flavoured chicken. Orange chocolate is disgusting to me. Anything baked with orange is gross. Oranges in salad is intolerable. And I have no idea why people do chicken with oranges? Who hurt you?! (Pajiba) 


I love this story because of how it illuminates the workings of different entertainment ecosystems around the world. Lee Ji-eun, stage name IU, is one of the biggest artists in East Asia. Some have called her the Taylor Swift of South Korea. Lee Jong-suk (no relation) is one of the most successful actors in South Korea, like a Robert Pattinson or Andrew Garfield. A few days ago, Dispatch, a big Korean gossip outlet, as is their tradition, broke the news that they are dating. In response, IU and Lee Jong-suk posted lengthy letters to their fanpages confirming that the report was true and basically sharing their feelings about each other so that their respective letters to the fans ended up also kinda being like love letters to each other. Read these letters – it’s like nothing we would ever see in the west. (Soompi)