Dear Gossips, 

The Golden Globes are happening on Sunday – and these may be the first Golden Globes of Instagram. Of course while the show is still airing on conventional broadcast, the fashion moments will mostly happen on social media, and mostly Instagram, as nominees have been encouraged to stay home and not host viewing parties, which means the fashion will have to be presented off the red carpet and on devices instead. The work of celebrity style teams, then, has become even more important, and the kind of work that should be even more recognised. As I posted about last month, stylists aren’t simply creating the looks now, and sending their clients out to the photo wall, they’re producing an entire visual package – including securing photography and the setting (on a rooftop, in the backyard, by the pool, maybe on the side of the highway, who knows), and hair and makeup. Because a simple photo isn’t good enough anymore. To stand out among the rest, they need to envision and execute a situation that feels like an event, one swipe at a time on a phone or a tablet. More and more then, these award show style moments are going to feel like mini-films and series in and of themselves. 


For those who are still skeptical about the significance of the fashion at these shows, the Golden Globes convened a stylist roundtable ahead of the event featuring prominent celebrity stylists, some of whom have clients who’ll be participating at the Globes in one way or another to talk about their process and how they’ve been preparing their clients this weekend. It’s interesting to hear about the adjustments they’ve had to make in these times – and most of it involves working more innovatively but there are small bonuses. As Sophie Lopez, who works with Kate Hudson, Jessica Alba, and Sofia Vergara among others, explained, It’s a different way of working. We are able to cheat in ways we couldn’t if it was an in-person event; we can safety pin things, we don’t have to worry about tripping over long hemlines.” 

I wonder, then, how that might affect some of the looks we’ll see on Sunday. Fit is always important but it might not have to be from 360. They may be able to get away with how things work on a photo shoot, for example, where the outfit looks pristine from one angle, and you can’t see all the clamps in the back. That doesn’t mean there isn’t a LOT of effort though. There’s just as much effort – something to keep in mind when you’re scrolling through Instagram while keeping the other eye on the TV on Sunday. 

As always, we’ll have full coverage of the Globes here and we are hoping to get the first posts up on Sunday night/Monday morning, around 2am ET-ish. So if you’re staying up too, Duana and I will be here, and we hope you join us. 

Yours in gossip,