A couple of weeks ago, when Prince Harry and Meghan Markle returned to England for their final engagements as senior members of the British royal family, they were criticised for leaving 10-month-old Archie Harrison Mountbatten Windsor at home. One of those critics was Dickie Arbiter, the Queen’s former press secretary, who called the Sussexes “spiteful” for depriving Her Majesty and Prince Philip an opportunity to see their great-grandchild – just as coronavirus infections were doubling in the UK. 

Now The Sunday Times is reporting that Harry and Meghan have accepted an invitation from the Queen to visit Balmoral in the summer and could also be back in London, with Archie, for Trooping the Colour in June. 



Who is even talking about this right now? Not sure if you’ve heard but Europe has become the epicenter of coronavirus. Italy, France, and Spain are on lockdown. The UK isn’t too far behind. The Queen and Prince Philip are almost a century old – they’re the ones most vulnerable. So, no, nobody’s inviting anyone anywhere! If anything, they’re telling people to stay the f-ck away. Who’s talking about summer holidays right now? 

And if they are, while infections climb around the world and healthcare workers are overloaded, and many people can’t access treatment, it’s the ultimate royal privilege, to be figuring out summer plans and who gets to be at Sandringham on which week and what f-cking tea to serve while they’re there. Not a good look. 

Sure, it’s always possible for those colonisers to not know what’s not a good look but in this case, I feel like even they would appreciate what to prioritise and what not to prioritise. And if they don’t, Harry and Meghan certainly aren’t going anywhere f-cking near it with an infant. As you know, the Sussexes are currently in Canada. The Canadian government, like many others around the world, has issued a travel warning, pleading with Canadians to avoid non-essential travel. Many if not most schools have closed indefinitely. Many offices are now closed with employees working from home. Are you seriously telling me that amidst all this, the Queen is like…oh hey, Harry, when do you, Meghan, and Archie want to come this summer?!