Dear Gossips, 

A few people in the UK have noticed today that Prince Andrew’s website “” has been taken down. When you enter in the URL now it redirects you back to the royal family’s website. So on the one hand, his retirement is still permanent. On the other hand, he’s retired under the umbrella and protection of his mother, Her Majesty the Queen. It’s the safest place to be, all things considered. 


Meanwhile, over in New York, there was a hearing in the Ghislaine Maxwell case on Tuesday and some surprising revelations. She “had asked for release on a $5m bond co-signed by six people” but was “ultimately denied bail”. She wouldn’t say who these six people would be. And apparently she has a spouse who she also refuses to identify. The mystery husband, however, was with her when she met with real estate agents to purchase the New Hampshire property where she was arrested earlier this month. 

The two introduced themselves as “Scott and Janet Marshall” and according to the realtor, that they both had British accents. Prosecutors told the court that “following [Maxwell’s] arrest, the real estate agent saw a photograph of [Maxwell] in the media and realized that the person who had introduced herself as Janet Marshall … was the defendant, Ghislaine Maxwell.”


It was later clarified because of audio issues that the fake name was actually “Jen Marshall”. Prosecutors also said in court that

Maxwell was being evasive in discussing her finances with pre-trial services, claiming that she earns a “monthly income of nothing, zero dollars per month of income”. Maxwell also allegedly claimed that she “does not know the name of the corporation” that bought the sprawling property, “but … was just permitted to stay in the house”.

Well there’s a creative way of getting around the truth. Creating a company to buy a home and then saying that you were “permitted” by the company to stay in the home is a crazy way of just saying, yeah, I own the home. But I guess that’s one benefit of having all that money – it allows you to spin and twist the most basic sh-t. 

Wonder how much more Ghislaine Maxwell’s imagination can stretch. 

Yours in gossip,