I have said it before, but I do not understand time, I’m not sure I ever did, and now these photos of Sydney Sweeney are f-cking me up. She was photographed on Saturday, December 16 leaving Los Angeles with her fiancé, Jonathan Davino, in tow. She was then photographed again in Sydney, Australia, on Monday, December 18. As I write this, it is Sunday, December 17. I KNOW the flight to Oz is long and you cross the international date line, I get it conceptually. Just please don’t make me do the math of what time it is in Australia right now (…Tuesday?). I will fling myself off my balcony.


But back to Sydney. She's in Sydney to promote Anyone But You which opens on Boxing Day Down Under—and she’s also been there recently working on Eden, Ron Howard’s new film. For true crime aficionados, Eden is about “the Galapagos affair”, in which a bunch of Europeans, including a supposed baroness, attempted to settle on Floreana Island in the 1930s and maybe two of them were murdered and a third might have been poisoned, and two more tried to escape but died at sea and became mummies—it is a WILD tale. So wild, in fact, that I’d rather anyone but Ron Howard tackle it. He’ll turn it into some kind of moral lesson, just like he did with the story of the Essex, the whaling ship that was attacked and sunk by a whale and some of the survivors resorted to cannibalism. He turned that into the depressingly boring film In the Heart of the Sea. Like the story of the Essex, though, the Galapagos Affair should be told by someone like Werner Herzog or Karyn Kusama. 


However, as a vehicle for Sydney Sweeney, it’s a good fit. I am not at all convinced she’s the right get for a rom-com—unfortunately, I won’t be reviewing Anyone But You before the holidays—but she IS a good dramatic actor, and I can see her fitting into that story the same way I can her co-stars, Vanessa Kirby and Ana de Armas. Jude Law and Daniel Brühl also star. At least the casting for this film is good.

Finally, we observe that Sydney is travelling with her fiancé, Jonathan Davino. There have been some questions about the state of their relationship, since she hasn’t been wearing her engagement ring, but they’re obviously together enough to travel halfway around the world (he’s in the background of the Australia photos). All’s well that ends well, I guess.