In counterpart to Glen Powell’s Men’s Health cover, Sydney Sweeney is covering Women’s Health. It’s a sporty styled shoot, but it’s not NEARLY as flattering as Glen’s. Because he is good at being famous. He knows how to deliver in a 2D spread. Sydney Sweeney doesn’t always get there. Heather is right, when Sydney makes direct eye contact with the camera, she looks checked out, not engaged. I am…slightly worried about Anyone But You. More on that tomorrow, though. (Go Fug Yourself)


Stores are cutting back on self-checkout machines, which bums me out because I, personally, prefer it. I am not sociable in the grocery store, I don’t want to talk to anyone, I want to get my items and leave. Also, it got the point where the clerks were bagging items wrong and I would regularly arrive home with broken eggs, smushed bread or bananas, and other produce mishaps. I like to check myself out because I can bag properly. There actually IS an order to these things, and if stores aren’t going to bring back baggers to properly sort and bag items, just let me do it. (Celebitchy)


There are two different documentary series about the Twin Flames Universe, which one is right for you? If you’re like me, both! I cannot understand the appeal of this cult that touts the existence of singular ideal soulmate for everyone…which just seems to have encouraged a lot of stalking. I am watching both docuseries in the hopes of understanding the appeal, as I do with all cult documentaries/docuseries. (Pajiba)

Did you know Jason Kelce makes Christmas albums?! Oh, the holiday season with TNT is going to be SO epic. Jason released his sophomore album, A Philly Special Christmas, and Travis makes his recording debut on the bro duet “Fairytale of Philadelphia”. This is so cheesy, but I can’t hate. The Kelces strike me as genuinely good guys who are here for a good time, and Jason, in particular, seems to like corny family things, so this all makes sense to me. Anyway, can’t wait for the TNT Hallmark movie premiering next month. (PEOPLE) 


Zahara Jolie, daughter of Angelina, crossed for the Alpha Kappa Alpha sorority (crossing = pledging). Alpha Kappa Alpha is the oldest historically Black sorority. Greek life wasn’t for me, but Zahara looks like she’s having fun. Also, if you listen to her name announcement, she says Zahara Marley Jolie. Has she dropped the “Pitt” from her surname? Would anyone be shocked if she did? (TwiX)