My brain is mush. It’s this time of year. All I want to do is sleep, watch sh-tty Chistmas rom-coms and listen to The Preacher’s Wife soundtrack. It’s taking me twice as long to do anything that involves pants. If you’re at work today like I am, you’re probably feeling the same holiday brain mush. You’re probably counting down the minutes until you get to go home and change into sweats. Well, have I got the video for you! SZA and Solange are here to save us from our end of year burnout. 

When I wrote about SZA’s CTRL for my Top 5 Albums of 2017 list, I compared the album to Solange’s A Seat at The Table. Both albums are amazing. Both Solange and SZA are two of the coolest women alive. Now they’re combining their collective copious amounts of #BlackGirlMagic for a music video so lovely, it’ll make you forget about everything else in the world for 4 minutes and 8 seconds. 

Solange directed SZA’s music video for The Weekend, my favourite song on CTRL. The overall aesthetic of the video is perfectly Solange meets SZA. It’s got the vibe of Cranes in The Sky with the raw effortlessness that SZA is known for. I love it so much. I’m just sitting at my desk watching it over and over while I fantasize about being at home in my Christmas onesie.   

More Solange and SZA in 2018, please.