Well, it was only a matter of time: tabloids are trying to declare Rihanna and A$AP Rocky a couple, officially. This, of course, is because she’s not dating Handsome Hassan anymore and she and Rocky have been hanging out a lot together. I want to look at a Rihanna and Rocky romance as much as the next person but I’m still not entirely convinced that Rihanna would be that obvious about her love life. Remember, she and Hassan were together for half a year before anyone even knew about it. (Dlisted) 

When it comes to not giving the audience closure, you’d think that it wouldn’t happen as often in tentpoles because, of course, blockbuster movies generally tie things up in a big bow. Superhero movies don’t often get the Paul Thomas Anderson treatment, you know? And yet, these days, there’s been a lot of dissatisfaction over the way tentpoles are ending. Sebastian Stan seems to be weighing in on this re: Steve and Bucky in Avengers: Endgame. Or maybe he’s not? Nobody really knows what the f-ck he means. (Pajiba)

Cosmopolitan’s February cover is, indeed, really bad. It feels out of time. And it’s supposed to be in time. Or before time? It’s about feeling not of the time – so is that the meta treatment here for its cover subject? I don’t know her and I’m not supposed to know her because the point is, we’re all out of step with what the teens are doing. (Go Fug Yourself) 
Duana’s favourite thing in life is running into a thumb twin. She has Brachydactyly type D (it’s such a fun word to say: bracky-dack-tilly) which is also known as “club thumb”. Megan Fox has it too. On the other side of the hand is another condition, and they’re related, or at least the names are related: ectrodactyly. Ectrodactyly affects your pinky finger. Hailey Baldwin is now the most famous person with ectrodactyly. (Cele|bitchy) 

The Los Angeles Lakers will play their first game tonight in LA since Kobe Bryant’s death. Here’s a good piece by Dan Levine about Kobe’s relationship with LeBron James who will suit up tonight as the world watches. (The Ringer)