Earlier this month, when it was first rumoured that Keanu Reeves is in talks to join the cast of The Eternals, I Gossip Genied Keanu and Angelina Jolie and I also predicted that the tabloids would pop off this dream and kill it before it had a chance to become reality. Well. Guess what? Like clockwork: 


Gossip Cop is already shutting it down. Of course they’re shutting it down. There’s nothing there – because there hasn’t been any time for there to be anything there, he’s not even signed on to the movie yet! Now it’s ruined because they’re going to know that people were trying to fetch this and they’ll go out of their way to not become it. And it was already a longshot to begin with because, obviously, Keanu actively avoids that kind of heat anyway. 


Anyway, here’s Keanu yesterday on a bike ride in Malibu and running into Eric Dane. As you already know, Toy Story 4 comes out in a week and all people can talk about is Keanu’s performance, how he wanted to give his character, “Duke Caboom”, more depth, instead of just being a gag – and the directors responded to the personal touches he put into how the character moved and reacted. He was so into it, he jumped up on a table and started posing in the atrium on the Pixar campus. 

Gossips, we have to enjoy this time. Because Keanu is going to go away soon. This is not where he likes to be, in the eye of obsession. He’ll recede from the spotlight, he’ll actively seek the shadows (while beginning production on the new Bill & Ted movie), and it might be months before we get to see him again – which should not upset us, which is actually what we should want, for that’s how Keanu can continue to be Keanu. Let’s agree to not ruin him.