Taika Waititi, Chris Hemsworth, and Mark Ruffalo have been in Sydney the last couple of days promoting Thor: Ragnarok. We need this palate cleanser right now.

You know what’s great about this combination? There’s someone here for everyone. Chris Hemsworth is for your pinup dreams. And, of course, he’s the guy who looks great in his underwear but who can also make you laugh. Mark Ruffalo is sensitive and sweet and have you ever met anyone who doesn’t like him? He’s the guy all your friends approve of. And who can’t keep secrets:


Taika is the wild card. Super smart, prone to pranking, sometimes a brat, though never maliciously, always where the fun happens, but everyone has fun. No one is excluded. I mean, there may be a lot of projection involved here but remember, this is also someone who’s been credited with much of Chris Hemsworth’s personal growth. Also? He just looks so good in his clothes. He just looks so good in those stripes.

As Sarah noted yesterday, Thor: Ragnarok is right now projected to open around $100 million the first weekend. Box office has been so unpredictable this year though that people seem to be bracing for a surprise in either direction. If Thor doesn’t meet expectation? I don’t think anyone should be predicting anything anymore. Because the way this movie has been executed from top to bottom, it’s not like they could done anything better, or more. The awareness is there, the positivity is there, so if all that doesn’t work, audiences clearly cannot be mapped.