Another day, another celebrity face tattoo – and this one is matching, as in it’s the other half of a couple, girlfriend and boyfriend. Twenty years ago it was Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee getting their ring fingers tattooed. Now it’s faces. What will it be in another twenty years? (Dlisted) 

Taika Waititi explains why he’s not sharing his Oscar credit with anyone – and of course he’s joking and probably doesn’t mean it but writing can be a very, very lonely endeavor. And no one else is there with you on your eighth draft as you figure out how to move from one scene to the next and you get hung up on one sentence for six hours so… I’m kinda into this explanation even though, yes, obviously, he was joking and no one ever does it alone, even though there are some things that you can only do alone. (Cele|bitchy) 

I too like this photo of Emily Blunt on the cover of Marie Claire as her face is artistically half in shadow. Let me tell you though, from someone who works in television, and I’m a vain TV bitch – most of the time, people who are on camera do not like to be half lit. Normally, if half your face is shadowed, you’re not happy about it. Obviously there are exceptions and this would be one of them. (Go Fug Yourself)

You know who’s been real quiet and letting us miss her? Jessica Chastain. It used to be that Jessica was in everything and no awards show was complete without her. And that’ll happen again because Jessica Chastain will win everything at some point soon, no doubt. Until then though, she’s been reloading, although she does want some credit for the time she kissed Diane Keaton. (Pajiba) 

If you loved Ana de Armas in Knives Out, you’re about to get a lot more of her. Jamie Lee Curtis, who worked with her in the film, says she’s about to be like Sophia Loren. She learned English in four months, after taking lessons day after day for seven hours. Is that how long it would take me to learn Korean? I think it’s obvious why I want to learn Korean, right? (Vanity Fair)