The Oscar Nominees Luncheon took place yesterday. This is when they gather every year for the class photo, ahead of the big night, and now they can see the finish line after months of campaigning – except, of course, for Brad Pitt who hasn’t been campaigning AT ALL. We’ll get to Brad later. For now, let’s check in on Taika Waititi, who this year received his second and third nominations for Screenwriting and Best Picture (Jojo Rabbit). Taika has said several times this award season that his favourite filmmaker is Bong Joon-ho and they had a chance to catch up yesterday. Taika looked quite enamored and seemed thrilled to meet Bong’s crew:

They also stood next to each other for the group shot. 

Taika is basically Bong’s ultimate fanboy:

But that’s quite the power director super couple, non? Film Twitter has a big boner about this. And I’m not mad at the rumours people are trying to start about the two working together. 

Taika doesn’t have much of a shot at actually winning this year, but Parasite is in there for sure. The favourite right now is 1917. It just won the Director’s Guild this weekend, it took the Producers Guild two weeks ago, and will likely win the BAFTA on Sunday as there’s no way British voters will rank it lower than any of the other films. The BAFTAs and the Oscars often overlap so, yes, right now 1917 is for sure the presumed favourite. But an upset isn’t impossible considering how much industry love there is for Parasite. Three years ago, La La Land also won the DGA, the PGA, and the BAFTA but not the Oscar, which went to Moonlight. This is a tight race. I’m excited. I will scream if Parasite pulls through. Taika’s voting for Parasite, right?