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Dear Gossips,

Let’s start the day with a bright spot in Hollywood: Taika Waititi and the Taika Fashion Tour. The Thor: Ragnarok premiere happened last night in LA. Taika wore a gorgeous wine-colour suit with a pink tie. And, as usual, made a case for a man being among the best dressed on the carpet. Also being the most entertaining on a red carpet.

Here he is with producer Chelsea Winstanley who is also his wife. Look at these poses. I mean, they’re not poses, really. Taika is goofing. But, unlike Justin Timberlake, see how you can goof WITH your partner without making it all about you?


Thor: Ragnarok opens on November 3 and now that there’s been a premiere, we finally have some early reaction to whether or not it meets expectation; the expectations have been high, ever since Taika’s involvement in the project was announced. This has been one of the smoothest start-to-finish rides for a big budget movie in recent memory: everybody loves the director’s vision, everything runs well on set, everything comes in on time, no drama, no rumours about recasting, no mid-shoot personnel changes. All that’s left is to see whether or not the final product lives up. According to critics’ responses following the screening, Thor: Ragnarok is not a bust. The common consensus is that the movie is super fun, and funny. And several critics shouted out Tessa Thompson:



I never thought I’d be this excited for a Thor movie.

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