Dear Gossips,

Is there a cold going around where you are? Is it the same one that’s going around where I am? That cold has now ended up at my house. Do you work when you’re sick? You’re not supposed to because it gets other people sick. I used to, until not too long ago. Here’s what changed my mind about that - it always comes back to Hamilton. (Cut to Duana preening with pride. After all those times I’d roll my eyes at her about her non-stop Hamilton quoting and now I’m citing Hamilton on a sick day.)

Hamilton is a story about a man obsessed with work. Most of the time Hamilton was the best at work. Until he didn’t “Take A Break”. For Hamilton, not taking a break had devastating consequences which led to him not being able to do the work he wanted so badly to do. 

So Kathleen and Maria have you covered today and I’ll be back tomorrow. 

Yours in gossip,


PS. We did record Show Your Work this weekend and it will be posted this afternoon.