Hollywood is now on strike, which means no promotion, no appearances. For the Barbie movie, which opens on Friday, they managed to get in most of their major events but had there not been a work stoppage, they’d still be out there doing interviews and getting in as much facetime as possible. 


The star of the Barbie press tour, obviously, was Barbie herself, Margot Robbie with a big assist from her stylist Andrew Mukamal who created one of the most impressive collections of promotional outfits we’ve seen in a while. And for those who might reflexively react to this with a “well how hard could it be to dress Margot Robbie”, I have one word for you: Chanel. 

Actually there was one Chanel that didn't get that much play. Andrew included it yesterday in a new post with a carousal of other looks from either the tour or looks that were supposed to be on the tour but didn’t end up getting worn. 


There’s a yellow Chanel set in the second slide. You know what fashion house comes up the most though? And not just in this gallery but over the whole tour? There are three Versace fits alone in this carousel and then there was this one: 


And this:


And of course the vintage – this spectacular metallic pink cocktail dress: 

In the comments people are asking Andrew to share the pieces that were left on the table, more shots perhaps from their fittings. Because for sure there’s more, so much more. For every red carpet look alone there would have been several backups. 


Attached – shots of Margot with America Ferrera and Billy Porter that I haven’t posted yet.